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    corporate culture
    The enterprise culture is the spiritual connotation, he decided the development direction of the enterprise, employees agree on the enterprise level, determines the development of enterprises to promote enterprise culture and enterprise potential, not the same years, the "iron law", but by with the enterprise at different stages and not even lift adjustment, enrich and improve. With the continuous expansion of the company, from infancy into the growth stage, mature stage, the striving direction of the company.
    Enterprise ethics: honest man, clear decoration.
    Enterprise service value: the value of decoration is not so luxurious, but in practical and sense.
    Service consciousness: face to face communication, a distance of zero.
    Industry guidelines: careful, patient, careful and assured
    Enterprise team concept: humanized management, create your own career.
    Brand awareness: credibility, tree, reputation, liye.
    The core values of enterprises: create value for customers and share responsibility for society.
    Market awareness: thinking determines the way out, competition is fast.

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